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Holiday Wishes

December 22, 2011 is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere!  It’s the day with the least amount of daylight…slightly more than 9 hours…and it marks the first day of winter.  This unique day … Continue reading

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Leadership Agility

Today we live in an era of continual and often permanent change.   The old line “the one constant is change” has become a reality!  In an environment that is so constantly turbulent, success as a leader requires true agility.  It … Continue reading

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Leadership Skills Grandmothers Teach

Remember your grandmother?  I remember mine. My father’s mother died when I was very young, just six years old.  But my memory of her is one of a patient woman with a soft smile and perfectly styled white hair.  No … Continue reading

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Leadership requires many competencies.   Visioning, strategic planning, organizational development, and leading change are some of the important competencies that we look for and we expect.  But leaders may seem to have all of the key attributes and still fail if … Continue reading

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