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Leadership Profile – Althea Gibson

I admit it…I am not much of a sports fan.  I’m neither knowledgeable about any of the major sports in the U.S. nor am I that person anxious to see the schedule for an upcoming season so that I can … Continue reading

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There are all kinds of ways to measure time.  Perhaps my favorite is ‘summertime’.  I love the hot weather.   Frequently the breezes blow more slowly and the longer days create an illusion of slower moving time. I also love the … Continue reading

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You decide…

Carl Sagan said, “Where we have strong emotions, we’re liable to fool ourselves.” It’s always seemed to me this was another way of saying that it’s pretty easy to let our emotions cloud our judgment.  Emotions can sweep over us … Continue reading

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Righting ourselves…

Leaders can be an unforgiving lot.  Particularly of themselves. Great leaders make mistakes.  They must.  They’re willing to take risks in order to advance the goals of the companies and employees they serve.  And with all risk comes the possibility … Continue reading

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Personal Ownership

Dan Pallotta has become a powerful voice in the nonprofit world.  His messages about how our industry should invest and compete in order to accomplish our goals have been shared through blogs, nonprofit publications and, of course, his books, Charity … Continue reading

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