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Just a job??

It’s Monday morning.  Where are you headed this morning?  This isn’t really a geography question. No Mapquest or Google Maps required. It’s a life journey question.  A self question. With the average life expectancy in the U.S. as of 2013 … Continue reading

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Perhaps it is a basic human need that leaves us wanting to feel appreciated. In our personal, work and social lives, we all seek acknowledgement for our effort and some glimmer of recognition for the time we put into creating … Continue reading

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The problem with acronyms, nicknames, and slang.

I really do not appreciate acronyms.  They seem designed to save the writer keystrokes or letters at the expense of the reader. Eventually they seem to lead to contrived words as the acronym gets used frequently by a group who … Continue reading

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The balancing act…

There is a lot of tension in life these days.  Multiple demands, constant change, and many personal and business agendas present themselves to us. Too often, we see the tension as forcing a choice.  How can we build a collective … Continue reading

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