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The case for trust. defines trust as the “confident expectation of something; hope” and “reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc. of a person or thing.” Pretty straightforward definitions. Simple. Clear. And for many a difficult state to attain. There is so … Continue reading

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The Urban Dictionary defines fearless as “Strong willed.  Able to push through the storms of a broken heart, broken spirit and tattered body emerging twice as grateful and independent than before.” I love that definition.  It seems to cover all … Continue reading

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Easter traditions…

Easter…a gateway to spring…is surrounded in traditions. It’s a time for new dress-up clothes.  Little girls look forward to a new spring dress and shoes; boys get a new shirt, tie, and dress pants.  It’s a relief to put the … Continue reading

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Doing what you love…

Prudential asks people, “If you could do something you really love, what would you do?”   And then it concludes that retirement should be “paying yourself to do what you really love.”  It’s a popular television commercial these days.  You can … Continue reading

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