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Keeping your word…to yourself.

Do you value people who keep their word?  It is often said a person’s word should be their bond…their fidelity.   In the world of work, business, family and/or friends, not keeping your word can create real problems.  It can cost … Continue reading

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What motivates you?

It’s a big question. What is it that gets you going in the morning, keeps you coming back to a project until it’s complete, keeps you moving forward through life?  Personal motivation is a fount of energy, and often an … Continue reading

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The value of rest…

The United State is a country of hyper-activity!  Need some proof?  Consider these efficiency facts: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 2013, our combined input of capital and labor into business grew by 1.9%.  Our productivity grew by 2.3% … Continue reading

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I love it when the sun comes pouring through the window in the morning!  It’s true it highlights any trail of dust on the furniture, smudges on the appliances, or spills on the floor.  But no matter.  The bright sun … Continue reading

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