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The Power of Giving…

Thanksgiving Day, 1978 is etched in my memory.  Try as I may, I never quite get through the holiday without remembering, at least for a moment, the vivid details of that particular evening. But let me back up for a … Continue reading

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Leading is hard work

It’s true that the work can be interesting, and it does offer the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people.  If you enjoy learning…being a leader offers many opportunities for that. Some may assert that being … Continue reading

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Remember and honor….

James Lamberton Edwin Lamberton Arthur John Davidson Donna Lamberton Stiles William H. Stiles Edwin Richard Lamberton Ross Wyckoff Heather Crosby Sean McLaren Jeremy Manes I am from a military family.  The list above reflects three generations of my immediate family … Continue reading

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Are you ready?

It’s November. Thanksgiving…three weeks and three days away. Christmas…seven weeks and three days away. Can you believe it?  The holidays are here!  With all of the family traditions, celebrations with friends, shopping, travel, decorating….time demands.  Are you ready? The holidays … Continue reading

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