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Lost in the moment…

There’s a favorite wedding song with the lyric “Lost in this moment with you, I am completely consumed, My feeling’s so absolute, There’s no doubt.”  It’s a powerful statement and the singers repeat it after every verse. Lost in the … Continue reading

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Who are you talking to?

Do you know?  It’s really not a trick question.  This isn’t a name game.  It’s about knowing what will be heard by the people you’re talking to. Are you in sales?  Do you have a friend in the same profession?  … Continue reading

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The Value of Loyalty…

Loyalty is defined as a feeling of strong support for someone or something.  Faithfulness to a person, cause or organization.  Having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something. Loyalty is a big word…a weighty word…an important word. … Continue reading

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The privilege of leadership

It is a privilege to be a leader. As CEO of Goodwill, I am confronted with that privilege every day. But the privilege may not be what you suspect. The true privilege is the privilege to serve. In nonprofit leadership, … Continue reading

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Catalogs and street maps…

Right around this time of year the Spring catalogs arrive!  Spring clothing and home decor.  New kitchen and cooking supplies colored and designed for Spring holidays.  Cottage supplies and flowers for the garden.  Closet organizers, deck furniture and cushions, grills, … Continue reading

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