And the Word of the Year is…


Every year a number of dictionaries publish their “Word of the Year.”  The 2017 list is interesting.

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2017 is youthquake. The noun… is defined as “a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.”

At, the 2017 Word of the Year is complicit.  Looking at the cultural and political landscape, it seems fair to ask: “What does it mean to be complicit in 2017?”

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2017 is feminism.   It was their top “look up” throughout the year.

Some groups announce their lists of words that they believe got, or deserved, attention.  The American Dialect Society has been at it since 1990.  Lake Superior State University has published an annual list of “overused words and phrases” it believes should be banished!

Lots of words swirling around in the news, social media, and daily conversations.  We pick them up one place…use them in another…and suddenly, we’ve changed how (and maybe what) we communicate.

Here’s what I think.  We should each declare our own personal “Word of the Year” for 2018.  A word we really think represents our current self and the person we want the world to see.  A word that represents the power of our choices…the values we live.  A word that can be synonymous with who we are for the coming year.

Think of it.  Each person declaring, “My word for the year is _________”, and then choosing with thoughtful intentionality to live that word to the fullest each day.  What a powerful use of our language skills.  What a challenge for each of us!

I choose kindnessMay my actions for each of the next 360 days reflect the power of that word.

Will you take the challenge?  Can you embrace a word for this year as a guide…as a foundation for the weeks ahead?

There are some powerful words to choose from!


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  1. Great post as usual. You are so inspiring .. that is the word you embody and your kindness is already achieved.
    I choose “ generosity “ and mean that not only in philanthropy, but also in generosity of spirit. And hope to be more generous toward myself and others in forgiveness. A wonderful exercise! Thank you my friend!

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