Leading with analytics…

Numbers are everywhere! No longer just multiplication tables, measures, price information and other common daily uses. Today numbers surround us with a constant barrage of information. Every aspect of our life is ‘data driven.’

~ Loyalty cards add all of our purchasing practices to multiple databases where the numbers are analyzed and relied upon to drive marketing decisions. The result? We expect customized coupons and sales promotion.

~ Many of us have computerized communication systems in our cars that track the mileage related to service needs, air pressure in our tires, braking performance and more.

~ Our personal purchase vendors, i.e. Amazon, Schwan’s, etc., use data to remind us when we’re likely running out of product and it’s time to re-order.

It’s true that today’s leadership competency are complex. Emotional intelligence. Authenticity. Vision. Strategy. Networking. Communication. Team building. The list is long. But likely no competency is more important than that of analytics…business intelligence. Leaders must embrace numbers.

Just as numbers have invaded all aspects of our personal lives, they have moved to the top of the leadership competency list. Numbers…analytics…guide every action and decisions. These aren’t just dollars…financial inputs. Today the analytics of leadership include statistics generated by social media, information on employee satisfaction, production and efficiency gains, marketplace and customer statistics, and so much more.

All of these numbers have forced us to define an important new skill. Leadership analytics. An extension of curiosity. Asking better questions. Critical examination of data. Information gathering. Correlations and evaluation. For decisions, for strategy, for action.

In all aspects of our lives, numbers are key to success, learn to love ’em. We all must lead with analytics.

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